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Hello Everyone!

From my previous post about the Homeless Garden Project's Lavender Bath Salts, you may already know that I love supporting organizations that are for good causes. Imagine how happy I was when I discovered Naked Pearls and found out about their charity work!
Naked Pearls Home Page
Naked Pearls is based in Melbourne, Australia and sells jewelry made from the finest freshwater pearls that are harvested from freshwater streams and rivers in China a
nd Japan. They make sure their products are from the cream of the crop and are of the highest standard. On their website, there is a guide to how pearls are graded; it's very simple to understand and very informative. 

But the BEST part of their company is that for every piece of jewelry sold, Naked Pearls gifts THREE meals to the hungry through the company Stop Hunger Now. Not just one meal, but three!! Stop Hunger Now provides meals through school systems for children who are going hungry. Although this website (which is a direct link from nakedpearls.com) goes straight to the Malaysian brach page, the company serves over 60 countries around the world. 

I'm not just blindly trusting what I read on the internet and did some extra research to check on the legitimacy of the organization. I assure you that it is a real, functioning, active entity that truly does help those who are in need. If you are interested in buying high quality pearl jewelry, why not purchase them and help someone around the world at the same time?

The Twins :3 

I was very happy when I opened the package and saw beautiful, minimalist packaging. I am a fan of clean lines and Naked Pearls seem to exude that classy image. 

The design of the earrings Naked Pearls offer range from simple to elegant. You can choose a simple but lux pair of pearl studs, or select a more elegant and fancy choice to pair with your evening gowns. I chose the Twin Stud Pearl Earrings because I feel they can be worn in almost any occasion. 

The pearls on the earrings are of AAA grade (from a scale of AAA-A) and the surfaces are 95% blemish free. To my eyes, they look 100% blemish free hahah. The silver hardware is actually sterling silver as well, so if you have allergies toward cheap/fake metals, do not worry. The top two pearls are 7mm and the bottom two are slightly larger at 9mm.

The earrings come in a lovely, high quality dust bag made from a velvety-suede material in the color black. It actually closes up to look like a mollusk! Very cute idea for something to store pearls in.

Customer Service

The customer service at Naked Pearls is so good. I felt like they genuinely wanted me to be happy with their products and could feel their sincerity in their words. After I chose my earrings, they arrived in a little over a week from Melbourne to California (United States). I almost forgot to mention that every order has a flat shipping rate of $7 world wide ;] 

My Take

If you're in the market for real pearl jewelry and would like to help starving children around the world, you can check out this amazing company. In more privileged areas of the world, we often take our resources for granted and overlook the luxuries we have. We should spread the love and be more mindful of those in need.

xxoo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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