☁︎ Case-Mate ☁︎ Refined Collection - Brilliance in Champagne [Review] ☁︎

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Good Morning My Dearests!!

I'm super excited because I think I have found my all-time favorite case in the whole wide world!! It's the Case-Mate Brilliance Case in Champagne!! 

It's absolutely stunning and I first laid eyes on it while at my local Best Buy, upgrading phones for my brother and daddy. It literally caught my eyes and drew me in. I usually never even pay attention to cases at Best Buy because you can find similar ones on the internet for way cheaper. 

However, I couldn't pry my eyes off this one. The price is insanely expensive for a phone case, $80!! But I've been through many phone cases and I really believe that this case deserves to be paid $80 for (if you want the gorgeous, lasting shine and bling that will not fade or fall off). Of course you will be able to find cases with bling on the back at a cheap price, but after time, the bling will either fall off, or start to look drab. 

Also, the crystals on this case are genuine crystals, & the leather, genuine leather. 
You can literally feel the amazing quality.

Installation Instructions
The case is in two pieces -- it's very secure and will not be coming off unless 
you purposely pry it apart. 

I've read reviews of people dropping their phones and the case will pop apart upon heavy impact. Both the case and phone were fine. 

There is a rubber layer upon which you place your phone (#2 on the installation diagram above) which prevents your phone from being scratched by the plastic. The phone fits very snugly into that area and the top piece (#3) and will not wiggle around. 

Honestly, I was very frustrated when taking the photos for this case. The pictures just aren't able to do the case justice! In the photos it looks like a bunch of mini studs, but it's seriously all glimmer to the eyes.

So here's a video I made with Meipai to show you all the glimmer :]
Pay special attention to the end and how shiny it is!!~


So far, none of the crystals have fallen off in my one week of use. I haven't been particularly careful or anything while using it either. I'm just using my phone like normal, as if it is in any other case. 

 I haven't dropped my phone outside or anything, but the bumper is made of plastic
so if I did, it may crack or at least get scratched. 

Quality: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Looks: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Price: ♡ ♡ 

What do you think about this case? Leave me a comment :) I love hearing feedback!


Hi All!!

After using this case for quite some time, I've dropped it on concrete twice and am sad to say that the bumper really does get dented and scratched very easily. The leather at the bottom has also lost a lot of the paint/color and one random thread came loose. However, none of the crystals have fallen out. 

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. woow beautiful !!
    makes me want it too


  2. Thank you Angel!! It's so shimmery I just look at it all day :3

  3. Thank you Cinta!!!!~ It's absolutely gorgeous and makes the phone not as boring again haha. New phone feeling ;D

  4. whoaaa, this is extremely expensive, but I can see why! It's super cute~ Even though you say the pictures can't do it justice, I still feel from the pictures, it's absolutely amazing! How much more awesome can it be in real life??? :P hehe~

  5. Thank you Anna!! Hahaha it's so bright and shiny in real life, it's amazing!! Did you get to see the video? It's like that!!~ Last two-three seconds!! All the time!!

  6. That case is sooo pretty~ Too bad I have a Galaxy & not an iPhone though hehe
    I would love it if we could follow each other <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  7. so cute!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  8. Thanks so much!! I wonder if they make these for Samsung also? :3

  9. Question for you guys: is the top lock button supposed to click, or no?



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